Monday, December 20, 2010

Latest and Greatest

I'm really looking forward to the next several months.  We are kicking things into high-gear.  We have Euchrepad integrated with Facebook.  Now it will even be easier to create score cards.  Also we are working on a Program that will run on your PC that is integrated with the score cards.  It is called LeaderBoard.  It will greatly simplify running a tournament.  It is currently in a pilot-test mode and should be available in early 2011.

Well, it looks like the Themes are being widely accepted - we now have over 80 themes and are adding more each week.  Keep sending in your ideas and we will do our best to get those added.

Thanks again for your support which is making this site possible.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hi all, it's been two great years. To date over 32,000 people have visited my site. We have added many new features including printing scorecards in a PDF format. If you have "extra" players, you can now print scorecards and the substitutions will automatically be computed and each person including the substitutes will have a personalized score card.

Continue spreading the good word and keep sending in your suggestions. We will do our best to incorporate all positive ideas.

Take care and remember: Play Euchre and Play Often.