Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Great things are happening at EuchrePad.  We just had an avid Euchre Player share his love of the game and as an added bonus his added twist to the game.  He modifies our score sheet by placing eight playing card symbols on it.  Every player has a different combination of symbols. Every even-numbered game, they call off eight cards from a full deck.  At the end of the evening if someone has matched all eight symbols, they win the bump pot.  Well, I thought this was such a great idea that I added it to Personalized and Personal Lite score sheets.  Check it out: Personalized: Personalized Lotto Score Sheet and Personal Lite: Personal Lite Score Sheet

Monday, October 12, 2015

Euchre Lotto

We just added Lotto to the score cards - thanks to Euchre Fan Patrick L.  Each score card has 8 playing card symbols on it.  After each odd round, 8 cards are called from a full deck.  At the end of the tournament - whoever has all 8 symbols matched wins a side-pot.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

More Choices

A lot has been going on this past year. We added several options to the website. We added two new layouts "Group" and "ProTeam". Group is like Progressive, there are two groups and for each round each 2-person team consists of 1 person from each group. This is great for Mixers.

ProTeam or Progressive Team is also like progressive where you play with a different partner for each round. There are two groups or Teams and for each round a 2-person team consists of 2 people from the same group.

We are also updating Leaderboard V3. It will be re-written in .Net and have many new features.